My Super Awesome Favorite Show of the Universe

My favorite show is The Middle. It stars Patricia Heaton who so perfectly portrays Frankie Heck—mother of three and used car salesman, er, woman. She barely escapes getting fired by her sexist boss every week, thinks a hot dinner comes with packets of free ketchup, dreams of a romantic anniversary getaway to buy some new carpet for the master bedroom, and sometimes even discount shops with a stray curler stuck in her hair. Her idea to fill a used car with jelly beans for customers to count, almost landed her a promotion. But it was a really hot day and things got sticky.

I love the show so much because everyone in the family, despite all this craziness, really loves and supports each other. The daughter, Sue Heck, is hilarious. She has to have every school picture re-done three times because she somehow always messes it up—though it never makes it into the yearbook anyway. Axel Heck walks around naked all the time, bemoaning everything and everyone. And poor little Brick loves to read so much that there's just no time for social activities, something which lands him in the special kid therapy at his elementary school. When his library fine spills over one-hundred dollars, his card is chopped and he is forced to read Frankie's romance novels.

There are so many quotable lines in this show. I have all the episodes on my DVR and watch them a few times a week with Liam and Julia. Frankie Heck is my hero! Go Frankie!

Oh, it's in a fictional town in Indiana. Yay!

Well, anyway . . . I'll let you decide.


  1. How silly of me but I've never heard of it! Not surprised though since now a days everything is DVR'd we never watch live TV... spoiled human beings we are!

    I'll be huluing it later today... yeah I made that up... I'm refering to to see if I can get an old episode!

    BTW I am digging the new profile picture... very chic. I've been meaning to say something... but what can I say, the mind wanders

  2. Look up BBC's 'Outnumbered' on the BBC iPlayer system - the British equivalent! XXX

  3. I'll definitely look it up!

    If you hulu the show, make sure you watch the Christmas episode. It's the best one!

  4. Actually, I don't think you can watch full episodes of this show on hulu. Bummer : (

  5. I haven't seen it, but will keep my eyes open.

  6. Not seen it, but it kinda reminds me of 'Malcolm in the Middle', which on occasions was hilarious.

  7. It is a lot like Malcolm in the Middle. Which is funny, because I never seemed to get a chance to see that show, but have now been sucked in to watching this one every Wednesday : ) ~


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