Pitch That Novel!

Not in the trash though. No, I want you to know what your pitch is so that if someone were to walk up to you and say, "Hey, what's your book about?" you'd be able to tell them. Right there on the spot.

You know how a movie has a little blurb when you look up its information, something like, Jenny Little gets lost in the forest and must find a way back to Strangerland. It doesn't tell you all the subplot or characters, just the meat of the story. I was working on a couple the other week for The Soul Seekers and here they are:

Seventeen-year-old Emma Shay must make a decision to leave small-town Springvail or stay and save the boy she loves, a ghost.

Seventeen-year-old Emma Shay is dying to get out of small-town Springvail, but after falling in love with a young man no one else can see, decides to stay and help get his soul back from a cult called the Soul Seekers.

I remember a while back when someone asked me what my book was about, I couldn't put together a proper description. They looked at me like I was pathetic, and my book was pathetic. I felt pathetic. But it made me think about being in that situation in the future and being able to tell a person, with complete confidence, exactly what this book is about.

Have you written yours yet?


  1. Oh good idea! I need to short and simplify my pitch seriously cause I tend to just go on and on... lol!

  2. There must be something in writing a synopsis a million times, because after a while you learn how to condense the heck out of your book, in various lengths! Kind of annoying, lol.

  3. I'm working on it. If you look at my WiP World over at my blog you can see the struggle. I think the only one I sorta like is Stella's Story but even then I'm at a loss... I'm guessing that tells me it needs more work... so, back to the drawing board I go!

  4. I'll take a look. But don't get too stressed out with your WIPs. Focus on the one you like the most, and the others will start to work themselves out gradually : )

  5. Oh yes. Elevator pitches are so hard! But they do help clarify your thoughts and your theme.


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