Rambling Thursday Thoughts

Here it is, the middle of Summer and what have I accomplished? Well, I'm still working on that second book, I've started a collection of short stories, I'm doing art and website work for The Soul Seekers. I get up every morning to write, edit, or just send out queries.

Those are my writing accomplishments. The main part of my life is being a mom and aunt. Nephew Tommy has infiltrated my head with all his Spore Adventures (a computer game) and Mario Head videos (You Tube). The girls put together Littlest Pet Shop plays with Liam tagging along. We go to the pool a lot, where I keep watch of everything living. My skin is looking a bit too tan lately! Peanut butter cookies fly in and out of the oven, then disappear. Can I get you another glass of juice? Time for a nap.

On a personal level, I dream a lot and still want to be in that band and take that trip. Motherhood comes first. I want to read every book in Border's and run through the grass in every field. I want to fly, to scream, to dance, to make love, to paint big globs of color and watch it flow.

But first, coffee.

What are you up to today? How have your summer plans gone and what's still on your list to get done?


  1. Currently I'm trying go get motivated to run errands. It doesn't seem to be working as I'm checking blog.:)

    I like your dream list.

  2. Good luck Southpaw, thanks for stopping by!


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