Hangin' in there, Monday Style

I'm still getting over a monster migraine. It hit me like a brick yesterday, pardon the cliche'. One minute I was fine, the next I was stumbling around with spots in my eyes and a horrible, paralyzing ache all through my head and neck. I remember going to the store to buy some medicine, but not much else after that. Good thing the kids were happy to just sit and play all afternoon and evening.

It's getting better, but yuck, I hate feeling like this.

I didn't reach that 100 page goal for the week, but it really pushed me forward and I wrote a few chapters so that's really good, don't you think? Remember I said I don't jump or rush into anything? Well, pushing myself as a writer seems to be necessary, or I ponder too much and end up getting very little done (or as much as I'd like to). So from now on, I am going to set my writing goals high and try to reach them, but only as a sort of guideline.

When faced with a difficult scene, I tend to hang back and think about it too much. I'm really just afraid I won't write it well. But what I learned this week is just to dive in, then go back make corrections. Step back and think, and make more corrections, etc, until the scene feels complete and layered enough to my taste. I really like this method. Now I had one scene, a lovey scene, that was sooooo much fun to write, it almost wrote itself. I seriously could write scenes between two lovers talking, forever. I had to finally stop and move on to the rest of the story, haha.

Take care everyone and keep writing, keep querying, keep editing, keep laughing, keep dancing, singing, smiling, loving . . . Peace.


  1. Sorry to hear about your migraine - that just plain sucks. I had some terrible headaches over the weekend, too. Think there was something in the air!

    And don't be afraid to dive in!

  2. Migraines suck!

    I’ve don’t the same thing with my scenes. I’m trying to go ahead and just write it and not over think it, but that so hard.

  3. I get migraines, too. Thankfully not too often. So I feel your pain. Well, I mean, I'm glad I don't right now. You know what I'm saying.

    I think we have to know our vices and virtues as writers. My vice is definitely impatience. I always need to stop, take a breath, and force myself to take time instead of rushing. It's not good to turn out thousands of words if you have to throw most of them out.

    On the other hand, there's something to be said for just flailing away by any means necessary. Who cares how stylish you are while you're at it?

  4. Oh girl I feel ya...I had a horrible migraine all day Friday into the wee hours of Saturday morning!

  5. Eww... migraines are not fun. At all. They always just swoop in and take you by storm. I hope you're feeling better. And, I'm so happy that, even though you didn't meet your goal, you tackled some problems spots and got a lot of writing done.

    Also,I just wanted to let you know that I changed blog domains, so my new domain name is: www.kim-franklin.com

    Have a great day!!

  6. Look at all these beautiful girls and their sweet comments! I just came home, my migraine is gone, and there's all this great advice and shared wisdom. Thank you everyone!

  7. You have an award on my blog! =)


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