Hold on, you gotta let go

I was thinking how enraptured we have to be with our writing in order to get to those fabulous words, The End (which, by the way, no one types anymore, but it sounded good to say it anyway). I'm talking months of writing time with real life weaving in and out of the rapture, pulling you this way and that, distracting you, compromising your well laid out plot and character voice. I know I write better when I am absolutely drenched with the character(s) thoughts and mannerisms. Sound familiar? How do you keep yourself motivated with your writing? Do you need to role play, or does it come to you naturally the minute you sit down? Everyone's different!

Others might find what we do a rather childish occupation. "What do you mean you just spent an hour talking to a fictional character in your head?" Don't worry about it. We are so lucky to get to do this! This whole pretend thing that we do is what makes it so insanely fun, and it's necessary. Writing isn't just about being able to put together a great sentence over and over until you hit the last word. It is about creating something special that others can escape to. The only way to do that is for you, yourself, to escape.

I think one of the biggest reasons we experience writer's block is because we stopped believing in the character world; we were yanked out by some real-life experience, or someone told us it was all stupid or the voice was bad. Believe in the voice, believe in the world of your story, and the rest will follow.


  1. Psh, I totally type "The End" when I finish my first draft. :) I don't do it for the other drafts, but it just creates such a good feeling, I have to do it for one of them!

    Sometimes I have a hard time staying motivated. I usually try to stay connected to whatever first inspired the core idea, whether it was a song or art piece or whatever. I've found that if I can keep that initial spark alive, the motivation comes a lot easier.

  2. I don't think I did, but I should have! I kind of like the idea of typing The End after all that work. Plus, have you ever noticed how when you're done readIng a book, the last page never seems to satisfy? You flip to the next (advertisements, author bio, new book snippet) and you're like, "Hey, where's the rest?!!" Because, unless it says, The End, it doesn't seem real. I think as humans we have a primal need to see The End. Even in relationships. There should be some voice from above that says The End when it's all over. That way we stop calling each other. Or, you know, when we die, there should be a voice or something that says, The End. Actually, maybe there is a voice that says that. Oh yikes, don't wanna find out for awhile.

    I think I'm procrastinating working on my WIP.

  3. Like you, I need to be drenched in the world. Which is why writing an hour a day doesn't work for me. I just can't do it. I have to write hours at a time, days at a time, and get really into it.

  4. I have noticed that with books! I always do that, flip through after the last page like there should more. And I agree, I think we do have a need to see The End.

  5. Karen-Totally agree! I write better after an hour or so and then it's hard to stop!


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