The Nervous Neurotic Nitwit

You know, sometimes I'm absolutely ravenous to write, and other times I avoid it like it's a homework assignment. I do know that most fears are put to rest after I've gotten into a good flow of writing. It's just getting there that seems the hard part sometimes. That's why I generally tell myself to go ahead and write, all with the precursor that it doesn't have to be good, it just has to be written, and then after that we'll see and worry. Not need to call for help, "We have a Freak Out!"

Kind of in one of those hard to get started phases. I think the fact that school begins this week is what is messing with my brain. Once I get used to all that, things will work out. Any one else out there get nervous like this and worry that they'll never write again, or at least, anything good ever again?

What really makes me nervous, since I'm admitting all this anyway, is the thought of sending out short stories to magazines. You think I'd be excited, but I'm absolutely terrified! The thought of somebody tossing my stuff to the side of their desk and forgetting it forever just makes me wince. But I am not going to concentrate on that (since it is inevitable and happens to many writers on a daily basis), no, I'm going to step into the feeling of excitement and forget the fear—let that lead the way. Wish me luck, and good luck to all of you with your writing! Liam is wrecking something so I gotta go.


  1. There was a quote on twitter this morning by Stephen King about the fear that comes just before you begin being the greatest fear. I know I didn't get it right but you get the point!

  2. This happens to a lot of us. It's a phase, a fear that we all have as writers.

    Stephen King in On Writing will teach you that fear is part of it. No one likes to be rejected or ignored but it's all part of the process. It's how hard you're willing to work that really determines the fight you have in you!

    Hang in there Amy! Happy Monday!

  3. I think your title to this posting is a little harsh. We all have anxieties, I think they apply to EVERYONE in EVERY profession. They're what makes us SPECIAL.

    NNN Rocks. Bisou, Cro.

  4. KarenG- thank you for that! Very true.

    Jen- thanks for reminding me that it's a normal phase. Hey, that's two King referrals, guess I'd better check out his book!

    Cro- haha! I know. I'm asking for it today I think : )~

  5. Amy - I do - I wish you lots of luck because I think I'm having an insecurity crisis today as well and your post makes me feel so much better.
    Like your blogs a lot.

  6. Thank you Molly! We'll get through it together.

  7. I get that feeling of "I'll never be good again" all the time. Last night for instance, when I had to force myself to get some edits done. But then, maybe a day or so later when I actually want to write, I change my mind. :]

  8. Motivation? Yeah, we don't always hang out together. And fear? Who doesn't have fear of rejection? That's what makes success so sweet. Not that I know success. I've only met rejection.

  9. Amanda, love your blog! Reading it today was very timely.

    Matt, I guess the only thing worse than rejection would be acceptance and then pressure to produce. Yikes. But, uh . . . yeah, I'll take that risk, haha.

  10. Good luck, good luck!

    I know what you mean about the fear of people reading your work! It's something I've been struggling with during edits of The Hating Game. It's so daunting!

  11. I completely understand your fear about sending your work out. It's hard to put yourself out there like that, knowing that there will be some rejection to follow because it happens to everyone. It's just a part of life, though. You'll get through it. Good luck!


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