Boys Go To Jupiter 'Cause They're More . . .

Okay, so like, I guess we're really close to Jupiter or something because if you go out and look at the moon, you'll see old Jupe hanging around lit up like the Chrysler Building. I think it must be a good time for creativity, 'cause all of a sudden I'm getting some actual progress with my old manuscripts in places I thought were dead. Yay! But the bad news is all the other stuff in my life (today) is really messed-up. The kids would barely get ready for school, and when we got there, the parking lot was full. I had to circle the place three times and finally settle on a spot all the way down the block. Front doors were locked (three minutes after the bell?) and we went to the office to get a tardy slip.

Then, I couldn't get the key to go into the new deadbolt, but the garage door is running out of batteries and it took me forever to get it to open up. Sooooooooo, I was thinkin' about taking the kids and Henry the dachshund for a walk 'cause it's so nice outside, but I'm rather worried. Perhaps it's just a good day to hang out, watch Graham Kerr, make cookies, and work on those old manuscripts.



  1. Actually, perhaps it's a good time to check that lock and the batteries on the garage door opener, haha. Can't blame the planets for everything.

  2. Ah heck, we're going on the walk. Scr*w Jupiter.

  3. Take a squint at the position of Jupiter's moons, Amy - that's what's f****** things up, I reckon.

  4. I can't find anything, but I'm guessing it's bad?

  5. Do you get Keith Floyd programmes? His foreign trips are always uplifting (more so than Kerr), even if his food is not. Chill-out foodie TV.

    By the way, we ALL have days like that. They're a bugger, but usually mean good times ahead! Bisou, Cro.

  6. Thanks Cro. I don't think I've watched any of his shows. But I did check out a whole set of old Saturday Night Live dvd's from the library and that's been fun.

    By the way, we wen't out for that walk yesterday and everything went fine, until Liam decided to have a fit in the middle of the road. He's so sensitive and can be the happiest person in the world until you say something the wrong way, and then LOOKOUT. He stood there with his arms crossed and was not going to budge. Yelling doesn't work. I finally just said, "Okay. Well . . . see ya later." And made motions that Julia, Henry and I were going to leave. It took a moment and he came running over crying, "Mama!" Then started to cry.

    Got to see Jupiter's moons last night. That was really cool.


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