Old Friends

Beside the beautiful harmonies in this song, I love the image of two men sitting on a bench—comrades of time; keepers of memory. Life likes to disintegrate all that is valuable so that all we have left on our last dying day is regret. But to have that old friend who stood beside you through it all, who'll always carry your soul . . .


  1. Yeah. I like that. No idea who they are! But as you say, great harmonies, great song.

  2. Simon and Garfunkel can do no wrong for me - I love all their songs!

  3. I'll never forgive Art Garfunkel for shagging that girl whilst she was dying from an overdose (but maybe that was just a film...)

    Old friends die, I am planning on doing that.

  4. Molly- I love their songs too. I've had a cold these last few days, and it's been raining, and for some reason their music lifts my spirit.

    I hope that was just a film Tom! Or not. Actually, I'm hoping it doesn't exist anywhere in any form, haha. And btw, please don't die for a long time.

  5. Amy - hope your cold goes away soon. What I wanted to tell you - when you said you might 'google' where we live. If you type in Leighton,Welshpool, Powys UK you may be able to find a road called 'Hope', follow it on up and you will see 'Harp Hollow' and a little bit further up there's a place called 'Lord's Buildings' which is right on top of the 'Long Mountain.' We live down below at the foot of Long Mountain!! :0)

  6. Thanks Molly! It will be fun looking it up with the kids.


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