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Sometimes I wonder if it's okay to not have a potential best-seller, to know that I wrote a book some people will like, but not everyone. That's where I'm at right now, and it's kind of liberating. I got up the nerve (again) to open up the old document and take a look, do some editing, and . . . I loved it. My love still hasn't died. Rejections made me think it wasn't good enough, and it probably isn't good enough, but I still love my book. I loved it when it was really, truly, bad, and I love it now after all its edits.

A friend called yesterday and said he still wants to do a boutique publishing thing and was I still interested. Yes I am. My intent was never to be famous or make a ton of cash, my aim was to have other people—people like me—read it and find joy. Maybe only three folks will read it (hoping for more, haha).

So, that's where I am at this point. And I really feel this is what was meant to be.

I can't wait to see the new Harry Potter film. And I can't wait for Thanksgiving turkey next week! I, being the sugar queen, get to make all the pies and sweets. Take care.



  1. Amy, I truly identify with this awesome post. Yes it is indeed liberating to know that your book is what you wanted to write, that you did your very best, and although it may never catch on like wildfire that it can still resonate with readers and touch people. It's so cool that you are at that point now, most writers don't get there until they've published, gotten reviews, some bad some good, and accepted the realities of the writing/publishing life. Well, I feel like I'm rambling, and not saying anything nearly as well as you did. Rock on sista, and have a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Thank you Karen. I'm moved by your words—thank you so much for that!

  3. Amy - I'm so thrilled you've invited me to read your book. Molly xx

  4. And I am honored to have you read it. Thank you so very much Molly! xx

  5. Let's hope we'll all be buying it too.


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