Yesterday I was an extra in a local commercial. Yes, that's right. It was fun. I was in the second group of extras (about seven of us in all) who were to stand around looking like we were having a fantastic time at a party. Group one was used for the first segment, then my group was placed in for a new shot with a change of script. Later there were ending credits where the cameras focused in on beer and wine and all of us were in the background, mingling. So only arms and behinds are in that shot, haha. The location was a kitchen demo store with various kitchen set-ups. Ours was a light, French design I guess you would say. Tres expensive I'm sure of that! I was asked by this wonderful man who is a sort of celebrity around town, he owns a few very nice liquor stores, and is a super sweet guy. The connection is local theater-we were in a show together and he's always been very supportive and kind. He asked me to do a radio spot next week with a mock conversation about his store/products. That should be fun! Anyway, that's what I've been busy with lately.

Here's a picture of me. I think I look fat (nothing like being in a commercial after Thanksgiving, you know?!) but I think it's my stupid boobies. They r 2 big! I hate them sometimes! But I don't want to get too thin like I did last year so I'm just going to ignore it and be happy.


  1. You're gorgeous! Pft. Boobies too big. Ha! Give me some!

  2. THank you Jessica!

    Cro- I'm looking up Phwarrrr in the dictionary to no avail. : D

  3. hey,
    i like your blog...
    i would be happy if you visit me:


  4. Hello Wunder, I just checked out your blog and really love the outfits you designed. Very nice! Thanks for the compliment you gave me—very good to have you here!

  5. Amy I have just discovered this.You look lovely!
    Sounds like it was fun!! Will we be able to hear you on the radio too? Would love that!

  6. Hi Molly! The commercial will probably be on Youtube sometime soon. But I'm not sure about the radio spot.

  7. Amy,

    Groovy to be in a commercial. And you do not look fat. As for your boobies, I need to see more of them to give you a decisive yes or no.

  8. MC Howe- alrighty then . . . uh, no.

    Jessica- Thank you ever so much! Thanks for friending me on Twitter, btw!

  9. You should never have mentioned your boobies with a couple of old pervs like me and Cro. Too big - I've never heard such nonsense. Sow us the commercial, then I'll give you an honest opinion.

  10. Okay, did you mean to type SOW? Grumble . . . .


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