Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Commercial

All righty folks, here it is. I'm in the second half of the commercial, and won't be hard to spot—I think. Maybe I'm not really in the commercial after all, and I was just pulling your chain, using photos and video mash-ups to create this whole internet persona. Yeah, that's it. I don't really exist. I'm an enigma of a fake persona of a hologram statue from an alternate universe in a whole other time.

Okay, okay, I'm in it. Just watch the darn thing. It's getting chopped on the side, so watch here instead: commercial


  1. I SAW YOU! I want Rimann liquors from now on - nothing else will do.

  2. Here's a fun fact: the beer and wine all of us were holding was just for props and not to drink. The beer, for instance, would go flat during each shoot and we'd sprinkle salt over the top to make it foam up again. Bet you didn't know that! Well, I didn't . . .

  3. I've ordered a crate-full!

    Amy, the only movie I've been in that had a drinking scene, had proper decent wine! I think it was the opening scene in 'The Duallists'. It took about 10 takes, and at least 5 glasses of wine. That's France for you.

  4. p.s. I see that local boy Fred Phelps is up to his vile tricks again. He's a disgrace.

  5. Great picture Cro!

    Yes, that horrible Phelps is still creeping around with his nasty signs. A whole town really gave it to him a few weeks ago. I think his days are numbered.

  6. Love it - I spotted you, too! :) Eww about the salt and the beer, though!

    (Thank you so much for all your lovely words about my book! They light me up inside! Sounds cheesy but true.)


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