Here it Comes . . .

I'm wishing everyone a Happy New Year one day early just in case life gets too busy to write anything before the ball drops. I've had a wonderful year reading and commenting and receiving comments from all you great bloggers. I'm so grateful to know everyone here!

So, what will you be doing for New Year's Eve? Any traditions? Every year I watch The Gold Rush with Charlie Chaplin. It's the perfect movie for this holiday, I think. So if you are out getting videos, give it a try.

The tree will come down, decorations will be put away. I'll start to look forward to spring and gardening. It's always fun to look through all those seed and plant magazines and dream about the perfect garden, especially when it's still cold and snowy outside!

Take care! I'll try to come back tomorrow and talk about resolutions. Ugh.


  1. I don't have any plans for tomorrow yet. I think I might stay home and spend NYE with my WIP. I haven't decided if that's sad or not, yet. ;)

    Happy New Year, Amy!!

  2. I think that's pretty cool actually. It's what I should be doing too : )~

  3. Roast Turkey, too much booze, then Jools Holland's Hootenanny on TV. It's the same every year. Love it.

  4. Dear Amy, Happy New Year to you too. What will I be doing? helping hubs lag water pipes in the attic again :0) - that was the week that was! And after that, I have put an order in for him to take me somewhere warm and luxurious on holiday. Well it doesn't hurt to ask does it?

  5. Cro, I am so jealous that you get to watch Jools Holland. We used to get him on BBC America, but I haven't seen any new episodes in a while. Great show!

    Molly- I hope you at least get a nice meal out somewhere in town : ) This winter is not being kind to your side of the ocean is it? Here's to a warmer new year, and perhaps a vacation too! xx


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