Thursday, December 2, 2010

I've got some French tunes in my head . . .

A long time ago I found a record in a second hand store that I thought looked interesting, so I bought it in good faith and went home. It was called Adamo A L'olympia- 16 Septembre 1965. I was into French films at the time and thought it would be up my alley, and I was right, so right. It's still one of my favorite records. After setting the needle down into the grooves I heard a crowd cheer wildly, and a live band started to pound out a fast tune. Then a thick french accent of a young man sang out, "A vot'bon coeur Monsieur!" with gusto (something about a good heart, mister). The song, and his infectious delivery instantly drew me in. I didn't know of my French heritage until recently, but I've always felt it. I always thought I belonged on some street corner singing French Tunes to passersby and sketching caricatures of every face that came my way (not at the same time, of course). I would be Alice Prin—Kiki of Paris—and bare all for any lover who wished to spend some time. Well, that was just me dreaming, as I sometimes do.

Anyway, pass the wine.


  1. Well Kiki of Paris I enjoyed this visual feast you drew with words.

  2. Adamo is a great exponent of 'La Chanson Francaise'. Another you may enjoy, but with more gusto, is Claude Nougaro, who originates from nearby Toulouse. Very passionate singer and extremely proud of S W France.

  3. Karen- thankyou : )

    Cro- I'll have to check him out! Thanks for the tip.

  4. I went to Paris on a school trip in the early 60's. Amy I can picture it all as it was then.


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