To Be a Dog

My beautiful sister has had a few days off for the holidays and got hit by a little inspiration. She wrote a poem about the life of a dog, most importantly, how good those four-legged creatures have it. She herself has two big four-legged creatures, Scout and Daisy, who ramble and frolick through each day with wagging tongues and tails; chasing squirrels and foxes, wrestling, running free in the semi-prairielike back yard. Scout is the spotted Blue Heeler, and Daisy is the sleek black Lab. Scout is good. And Daisy is . . . well . . . Daisy's still learning.

To Be a Dog by Catherine Lappin

Oh to be a dog . . .
what a great life that would be—
to lay on the couch and
watch tv.
To be fed twice a day,
and all the water
that you may—
I'd even sleep in the garage
if had be.
If I could only be a dog,
what a great life it would be.


  1. I love the drawing, Amy. I like the poem too - it almost sums up my life over the last few days.

  2. Thank you Tom! I guess it's back to work soon, isn't it? Glad you're getting a little R &R.

  3. I'm with Tom about the drawing; I hope it finds a good frame.

    I wonder if dog's have worries?

  4. Thank you Cro : )

    Oh they do. My Henry worries about the cat getting extra scraps that could be his, he worries about the squirrel outside the front window, he worries about me going somewhere and leaving him in the house alone . . . But most of the time he just lays around being cute.


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