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A reporter asked a designer the other day on a morning talk show, "Do you love what you do?" He replied, "Of course. A person should always love what they do or find something else as a job." I couldn't agree more. Whatever artistic endeavor we undertake should be with the utmost of love for its creation. The life of each project has many stages, each one subject to judging and criticism. If we do not love our product, then who will? Money is never a guarantee, neither is fame or any kind of recognition, only our happiness in its development, and sustained development.

Instead of asking if you love what you do—because I know the answer is yes—I want to ask how you keep the love a flowing while working each day: music, walks, candles, Marvin Gaye (haha). How do you keep your artistic love alive?


  1. Probably by keeping it slightly at arm's length. Personally, when I work I'm not the same person as when I play. Work for me is too intense, I need to get right away; dig the garden, walk the dog, or listen to good SKA music.

  2. That's a very healthy way to deal with things. And you have a beautiful garden as a result!

  3. Honestly, I don’t know. All I ever think about is writing. I plot upcoming stories or scenes to stories while cleaning, driving, eating, ect. Every day, I look forward to the moment when I could sit down and write. For me, it’s not just love, it’s an obsession.

  4. I think that instead of saying that I love what I do Amy I would say that I love my life as it is now. When I worked for the Council, I loved the people I worked with, but the total waste of tax payer's money with so much pointless paperwork (like having to sort through masses and masses of everybody's junk mail mixed in with the important stuff) drove me spare. I took early retirement when the opportunity came even though it did mean a drastic dip in cash terms. I think Cro put it in a nutshell!

  5. I know how you feel Angelina. I love that romantic euphoria of writing.

    Molly, I can tell that you love life. It's evident in your beautiful posts.

    Tom, you're lying. Dork.

  6. I love writing, but I don't 'do' it as a job because as yet it pays nothing. However, I think we all see writing as a second job, even if it is not what puts the food on our tables. It is our artistic love and every bit as important to us as the other jobs we have!

    As to how I keep the artistic love alive wile working each day ... I have to agree with Jessica above! Taking some time away from it all on occasion to recharge the batteries..!

  7. Very inspiring, Luke. I love reading everyone's perspective!


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