Wednesday, February 2, 2011

If snow was gold

Thanks for the well wishes. As I said in a comment, the presenters cancelled the event due to the weather, and it will be rescheduled sometime later. There was a lull in the storm Monday night and I was going to go for it, but alas the decision was made for me!

Monday was all ice. Tuesday morning started with snow, and then it snowed all day. Aaaaaalllllllll day. After lunch the wind picked up and it was a full-out blizzard, with anything that had been cleared covering up again in less than a minute. Henry went out there and had to hop in and out of the drifts. Schools were closed, roads shut down. There are going to be a lot of babies come October.

Despite all this mess, I still love snow. The sun rose this morning, and a whole world of electric blue—drifts, mounds, crystal meringue peaks, tree limbs, tops of cars—changed into salmon pink, then gold. Deceiving, as it is bitterly cold out there.

It's probably heading your way. Haha. No, I hope it's not. Spring is just around the corner . . .


  1. I photographed some daffs today...

  2. Cool. I'm sure we won't be seeing any of those for another month or so around here.

  3. Amy I have just been looking at some pictures of the snow your getting. We never had that much! It does usually find it's way over to us - just when we thought Spring was on the way. Keep safe and warm xxxx

  4. Well you know, Phil the groundhog came out today and said we'd have an early spring. Let's hope he's right!


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