There's something special about spring flowers, perhaps because they are with us for such a short amount of time. Fruit and pea blossoms are included in the list, of course. Who can deny the beauty of a cherry tree, flocked in white? Or an apple tree, lightly scented. Then you have lilacs which carry the magic spell of making winter seem short lived and far away. My mother used to make us sneak over to the neighbor's yard, because, as children, we were short enough to crouch on the east side of their bush and clip away, bunches of sweet smelling purple dropping into our lifted shirts like sachets.

Less fragrant are tulips and daffodils. With vibrant colors and waxy petals, these flowers are almost like some creation by Lewis Caroll that Alice would find and take a chomp out of.

Then come the pansies. Soft and sweet, hardy through the still frosty nights with pastel Monet colors and little faces like children looking up to their mother: the sun.

But these will all fade, when the wild flaming colors of summer come marching through with bayonets of pollen and thorns; jutting and stretching across the garden in search of water and dirt and sun.


  1. 99 followers, Amy. Who will be the 100th, and will they win a prize? Some spring flowers perhaps?

  2. I had 100, that means someone dropped me :( I can't blame them. I've been a horrible blogger lately.

  3. Just this photo gave me the hint of spring I needed. My husband and I have enjoyed walks the past few days because the weather has been so gorgeous. It's just refreshing!

    Oh no! Someone dropped you! I don't care if you've been a bad blogger or not we still love you and that person is missing out!

  4. Spring is a lovely time of the year. Things are starting to bud here too! We had minus one last night so everything was covered in frost this morning. But then the sun shone and has been shining all day. You made me smile Amy at the picture of you all pinching the lilac from under your neighbour's hedge. I've got a vivid picture in my mind :) Trouble is - it doesn't last very long when its cut! Hope you're having a gorgeous spring day in Kansas too! xxxx

  5. PS - the lost sheep obviously couldn't stay away 'co you've got 100 again now :0)

  6. Jen- thank you xx

    Molly- Glad things are starting to bud and that the sun has come out. It really has been a long winter, hasn't it? Love youxx

  7. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I just love how nature comes to life with all the smells, the colors, and the sunshine.

  8. I've been looking out for the signs of spring, but here it's really slow. We'll have a great sunny week though, so maybe there's gonna be less luck involved in spotting these flower powers soon.
    Nahno ∗ McLein


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