Let's do the twist

I hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday. Yesterday we had storms, but not too serious. They say spring this year will be quite active, which in Kansas, means tornadoes. It's sick, but I actually get a little euphoric over the thought of giant cyclones rampaging across the earth, picking up houses and cows and old Ford pickups. There's gotta be a name for it, like, Thrillitus, or Twisterflu. We can't help it. It's so damn flat here, and winter is so long. Most folks fall to alcohol, sex and firecrackers, but for sane folks like me, it's all about natural occurrences, or rather, Mother Nature's PMS. Maybe the next time a tornado goes past, I'll toss up a huge bottle of Pamprin to see if that helps. Well, she knows how to get it anyway. She just knocks on your front door with a little hail, then pirouettes in all fancy-like, helps herself to some gypsum and fake panelling. Before you know it, she's ripped open your medicine cabinet and fled off with every pill, pregnancy test, tube of lipstick and nail clipper known to man. Then it's, "Goodbye sucker, I'm off to yank some barbed-wire. See ya next year."

Oh that Mother Nature.

So, Happy Sunday.


  1. Just another dull sunday then....

  2. Mother Natures version of the vacuum cleaner, minus the hepa filter. I sense you are in need of some excitement.

  3. Heart shaped or not - that tornado looks Scary!
    We've never had one here and I'm not complaining.
    Have a great Sunday Amy xxxxx

  4. Yes, I do seem to be in need of excitement. It's been work, work, work here. But I get to go to a concert this week, so yay!

    Molly- I came close a few years ago and wouldn't recommend it. Needless to say, I hope you never see one either! Take care, dear Molly xxxxx

  5. I do the alcohol and firecrackers, Amy - I miss the game of Twister though.

  6. I miss Twister too. Kind of hard to play something like that on a Wii. Happy Sunday Tom xx

  7. Lol, great description of mother nature. Maybe we should all threw her some pills. I hear that she’s giving us nice weather for a little while, and then we’ll be getting snow storms here in Chicago. I’ll throw some Midol in the air and see what happens, lol.

  8. What a beautifully captivating picture!


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