E is for Ewok

E is for Ewok. An Ewok is the darndest little critter, let me tell you. Covered with fur, this forest creature has big eyes, looks like a little shitzu really, but don't let all that physical stuff lend you to thinkin' they are harmless. These dudes can pack a mean punch.

So let's see, how do we relate this to writing, art, music, life . . . ? Well, how many times have you thought an idea wasn't worth much, but then you looked later and saw it was quite powerful? Maybe you'll have to work with it to help strengthen its power, maybe give it just that right amount of polish. Voila! You end up with something that is very strong, something that is unique; simple, but good. Sometimes it's the little things that put up the best fight. They can change a whole project with their eloquence. Never, ever fall to doubt, always create with an open mind.

So next time you have an idea you think is minuscule, step back and see if it's an Ewok idea. And to make this post fully effective, I suggest you dress up in rags, dance around a fire, and chant gibberish to the sky. I'm doing it now! Wheeeeeeeeeee.


  1. Boy, I really stretched on this one. What the heck an I going to come up with for "F"? I can feel the sweating start up. Oh geez.

  2. I'm with you sister...I still have seven letters to be creative with and a few that I'm not really happy with....hope something comes to me soon.

  3. 'F' surely should be for 'effing waiting'. Who isn't effing waiting for something.... as in you and your book publication date!

  4. It "looks like a little shitzu really". Love that sentence and how you related the critters to writing.

  5. I loved those little ewoks when I was a kid... They had a cartoon of them... and two live action movies dedicated to them... I've seen them more times than is cool to admit.

  6. Haha this is awesome. And such a great coincidence, as my "E" post was devoted to Empire Strikes Back. Great minds think alike!

  7. Compact and adorable! I'm holding my breath for the 'F' word Amy :0)

  8. mbj- We'll both think of something . . . I'm sure.

    Starting Over- Thank you : )

    Cro- Someday . . . It'll happen soon enough, no worry.

    Beth- Agreed!

    Susan- Thanks!

    Austin- I loved them too. They were super cute!

    Matthew- That is awesome!

    Molly- Haha, I won't use THAT word. I promise, mwahahahahaha . . .

  9. ...wanted a pet Ewok when I was young. Okay...still kinda do :)


  10. I love Star Wars. It has been one of my favorite movies since I was 6.

  11. I love Ewoks! I so wanted them to be real when I was a kid. Thanks for reminding me of these guys!


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