I either know too much about music, or too little about the letter V, because the only thing that popped in my head when contemplating this friendly little consonant was the song Valencia. Originally from a silent movie made in 1926, Valencia is a two-step (paso-doble) written by spanish composer Maestro Santiago Lope Gonzalo. Whenever I hear it I think of summer. It's a happy song, makes you think of people strolling down the street in white dress and straw hats.

If you watch the video, which you don't have to, you'll be treated to a pair of fine dancers. And see that you won't be humming this all day long.


  1. I've been dancing round the studio! Pity you weren't here.

  2. That was great.....such a multi talented conductor.

  3. Glad everyone is enjoying this. It's a happy song.

  4. Do you know 'The Temperance Seven'? A similar vein of late 60's whacky youthful jazz.

  5. We used to have alternative lyrics to this when I was a kid: "Ramona - stick your head between your knees and whistle up your Barcelona..."

    (Also - sorry about the Bath name-dropping again - 2 of the Temperance Seven were mates of mine. One is dead and the other is a complete b******.)

  6. Starting Over- Good!

    Cro- I don't, but thanks for the recommendation

    Tom- Guess I'll have to check them out on YouTube for sure now!

  7. That got a spring in my step this morning! And with the freezing wind gusting through my dining room, that's just what I needed!

  8. Kate- Glad to hear I could lighten your step! The song just has something about it, must be why it's still swimming around in my head years after hearing it.


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