I'm still in a non-talkative mode. Not sure why or how I get like this, but it can be frustrating. I've always wondered how other people seem to have a gift of chattering away for hours on end without any provocation. They walk through the grocery store with their phone headsets just talking away about, what's for dinner, or, who's gonna let the cat out, or, how someone's neighbor made brownies without any milk (it's true, I heard that very conversation at a grocery store a while back).How is it so easy for people to make talk so effortlessly? Sometimes I wish I could, and other times I'm glad I can't. Oh well, I'm thinking too much. Probably best to just enjoy the silence and not get all stressed about it.


  1. I used to (and still do on occasions) have exactly the same problem. My brain seems to freeze. Time to be alone!

  2. Never was much good at what my mom called "small talk". She could carry a conversation with anyone for as long as required while I just sit there like a stone. Don't worry about it. People listen more intently to someone who has less (but more important) things to say.

  3. Well I'm a chatty cathy and married a man who is as quiet as a mouse. We make the perfect couple since I seem to have so much to say. I am able to silent at times but there are days I wish I had no voice. It'd be nice to have that break.

    That being said I guess recently I wish I had that calling because I'm writing about a girl who falls mute after two sisters disappear.

  4. Cro- it's a good time to catch up on books or take lots of walks!

    mybabyjohn- I hope so : )

    Jen- I love that you have a gift of gab, it shows through in your writing and creates a nice voice for you.

  5. Oh Amy - just enjoy your thoughts. I can't stand being trapped with people who rabbit on and on about nothing, sharp intake of breath to recharge and then they're off again - they do my head in. No offence to Jen, I'm sure she's lovely as she is :0)

  6. I get like that allll the time. I don't talk all day, and then I don't talk all night... I might as well go live in a cave somewhere.

  7. Silence is golden, and at sometimes it is platinum.

    Too, too much noise going on.

  8. Amy - I'm really sorry - my previous comment sounded harsh and horrible - what I really mean is that we love you just as you are and Starting Over put it so much better than I did xxx

  9. You're allright Molly! I didn't think it sounded harsh, because I knew the sentiment, and I know you always speak from a good place.Love you xxxx


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