Sunday, June 26, 2011


I'm in crazy writer, editor, submit to magazines, be a mom, clean the house, listen to records, oh yeah I have to take a shower mode. So I'll just post some simple artwork and say I love you.


  1. Love your art work Amy! Your life sounds hectic - wishing all the best with your editing (though I have to say I loved your book just as it was) If you have a second nip over to - I've recorded some birdsong for you (2nd one down) love Molly xxxx

  2. Those are lovely, Amy! Best of luck with everything you have going on--sounds like you have a very full schedule!

  3. My old white VW beetle gets everywhere. I lent it to some bloke to take some beetle pix, and I never got it back! Is it now parked behind your gaff?

  4. Lovely artwork Amy. Being a mom is a 40 hour a day job and then adding on all those other chores - well, enjoy your shower and lock the door.

  5. You are so multi-talented. You write, you sing, you draw. Or should I say, you're an author, a musician and an artist. Amazing!

  6. Cro- Just an Abbey Road music book a friend gave me. I think that beetle has a cryptic message on it's license. Couldn't be yours, right?

    Starting Over- Exactly, but as you know, it's a wonderful thing. Though, sometimes I do get down when my brain is all wired to writing and music and all that, and I have to b e a mom. I just want to be in constant creative mode and it can be so hard to come back to normal.

    Karen- Blushing! Thank you!

  7. I like your drawings a lot, Amy. Simple and sweet.

  8. Talli- love You!

    Bob- Very nice of you to say.

  9. Hehehe I'm at that stage now too... Maybe it's time that I pick up some pencils and draw. I need to do something else.

    I love your drawings, especially the two extreme close-ups.


  10. hey amy!
    couldn't find any other way to contact you on this site.... anyway, just wanted to say i have a book coming out with WiDo next year also, and am trying to connect with the other WiDo authors. Check out my page if you life and keep in touch via Google Friend Connect!


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