Life for life's crazy sake

Life is a little confusing right now, but I'm sure I'll look back on it later with a sick sort of longing. Meadowland is done, I've almost completed all the graphics for the packaging, the only thing left is to have a few pictures taken and to send the whole thing off to a cd duplication company. For the moment, this looks to be the front cover (you've seen it before in a slightly different form):

I'm really, horribly nervous about the photo shoot. More than I should be. But this is one reason why Meadowland hasn't seen the light of day until now. Me and pictures: terror. Pure terror. I've had the photographer's information for a few weeks, and couldn't get the nerve to set up a session. Well, first there was no money, but now there is, and finally last night I sent an email to say I was ready, but dear God why is it so hard for me to do these things? Regardless, I have to do it. You know, I read that Dusty Springfield and Carly Simon had/have similar stage fright issues, so I don't feel so alone. But still, it's crazy and I wish I had confidence like other people.


  1. There are probably more of us with false bravado than with real confidence. You are a lovely, talented girl and you deserve your success. Hold your head up high and give that photographer what for. When you act confident you become confident. (or at least, that's what someone told me)

  2. I lack that kind of confidence too. That's why I took my own photos! :o) Good luck with it. I know how you feel xoxo

  3. Delores said it all. I understand your reluctance in completing your project, because then there is no turning back, no excuses, no more to do, you are going to expose yourself. So! Amy, you are a beautiful, talented person who needs to fulfill her destiny. It is what you have worked for. Now is the time. Confidence does not always come from success, it comes from within, knowing how good you are and letting other people know this. We are all routing for you very much. You have a big cheering section.

    As had been said many times, "It is the things in life that you didn't do that you regret, not the things you did."

  4. Beautiful words from each of you. Thank you so much! The support is very much needed and I appreciate it more than you know.

  5. I've done a fair few shoots in the studio Amy and it's the photographers job to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and great!

    I'm sure he/she will make you feel and look like a million dollars with minimum effort.

  6. When you put Meadowland up on your blog way back I thought it was lovely and what a beautiful voice you have Amy. It will fly and so will you xxxx

  7. Chris- That's good to hear. He sounds like a very knowledgeable person, so I think you're right about that.

    Molly- Love you xxxx

  8. Beautiful women seem to fall into two distinct categories. One group are over confident and arrogant, the other more reserved and shy. I know which group I prefer, and I'd guarantee most men would agree with me. A little shyness is very attractive, but don't let it hold you back from being seen! Do post the pix when done. Bisou, Cro.


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