Jessica Bell is doing quite well today with her debut novel "String Bridge." It hit the Amazon charts at a high number, but has quickly risen to the low hundreds and is still rising. If you haven't taken a look at the book, her blog, or the beautiful cd full of songs to accompany the book--all of which she wrote and sang herself--you should really check it out. It's amazing what the girl has done. She has worked hard. And she's crazy talented! Congrats Jessica!

I've had a day of achiness and just not feeling so good, but I'm getting better by the hour. Must have been a 24 bug. Right now I'm listening to Gene Vincent and trying to get something done before the kiddos come home.

What are everyone's plans for the weekend?


  1. First thing on my list...not getting whatever you've got lol

  2. The only band I played in did covers of Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly, and Eddie Cochrane; I think we had good taste.

    This weekend? Digging a trench!

  3. Aw thank you! I hope you are feeling better today! Did you say low hundreds??? Oh man ...I went to bed and didn't see it!!!

  4. Amy hope both you and little Julia are feeling better. Well done to Jessica on her book success - 'The Soul Seekers' you're next!
    What am I doing - swearing at my computer because my email account's just gone up the creek and I don't know how to fix it. No worries - have a good weekend xxxx


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