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Well, Meadowland is here and I've been spending a lot of time trying to figure out how to promote it. There's a sort of tier of action to take when a cd comes out. You send out press releases, try to get interviews, send it to college radio, send it to newspaper and local tv stations, etc. But then you have someone like me who wants to do all that, but is totally shy and freaking out. What if they don't like the cd? What if I DO get a call to be on a local station? Won't I just be nervous as heck, knees shaking, six am under bright lights? Haha, I'm such a worrier. Maybe I'll be great and people will be like, "Wow, that lady kicks ass. Where can I buy her cd?!" Ppppffffft!!!

When I was at the post office mailing off a press release and a cd/one sheet for a radio station, my hands shook and a guy behind me had to talk me through the questions at stamp machine. "No, hey, don't push the dangerous chemicals button!" It's kind of funny that I let myself get so worked up. Oh God. I hope my cd doesn't bomb. I really love all the songs and it's been such a long time coming. If I wasn't so damn shy everything would be so much easier!

Anyway, so here it is. Meadowland is out and I'm a proud momma.


  1. Congratulations Amy!!!!!!!!!

    Where and when can I get it. I know it will be awesome.

  2. Congratulations. A little like having a baby yes?

  3. Now you really ARE a star.... but you always were anyway!!!

  4. Congrats, Amy!!! :o) I know exactly how you feel. The trick is to pretend you don't. Only way I can do it is to pretend I'm someone else :o) Good luck with it!!!

  5. Thank you guys!

    Starting Over- it's on iTunes for download, or you can order a cd from CDBaby has digital download too. You can type my name into either of those sites and Meadowland will come up. I'll put a little link/banner here on the blog. Should have done it already!

  6. But they will love Meadowland - we love it - your voice and the lyrics are beautiful. Amy heaps of congratulations from me - you're on your way xxxx

  7. Amy, I got on Amazon and did not see Meadowland but found another one of yours from 2003 and ordered it. I loved all the tunes and your voice is lovely. I will get on CDBaby and get Meadowland also. You sing my favorite type of music.

  8. Hope you enjoy it-I can't thank you enough for the support! Seriously, that is really sweet of you to do that!

  9. Congratulations Amy. Wow! A new cd out. That's pretty cool. Good luck with your music, it's gonna be great. I'm sure you'll get over the shyness - just takes practice.

    Now, where's my iTunes voucher? Ah here it is...x

  10. ...congrats, Amy!

    Wishing you the very best in sales ;)



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