2012 goals

The New Year is coming closer, maybe our last (depending on what you've read on the internet). I'm still in a Christmas spirit, but I am looking forward to making a fresh start with both personal and professional goals.

I already do well exercising, but I could kick that up a notch. I'd like to go meat-free more often, and learn the art of that type of cuisine. Drink more water. Read more. Finish a collection of art for a small show--would be my first ever. Take ballet. Start a daily journal.

Get a regular gig. Can be small and obscure--I like obscure. But it has to be regular because I'm not good at lining up gigs. I'm too shy and too much of a homebody. I would rather be around my kids every second of the day and night, but I HAVE TO GET GIGS or the music will fade away.

I'm going to dye my hair like Florence Welch. That bitch (I love her ) has my hair. Haha, she's so lovely. We're both really tall, and she has the guts to wear stilletos. I'm going to grow a pair and buy some heels too. And some vintage dresses. From now on I'm 1940's (with a hippie stuck inside).

Write tons, get more shorts published. Finish another book.

Love more, forgive more, fight for myself more, work hard, love my children, help them with their studies. Be kind, rewind. Peace.

What goals are you setting up for yourself for the coming year?


  1. I'm going to try to get up every day..lol...I'm reasonably sure I can keep that one.

  2. Yours all sound achievable. Mine are just pipe-dreams.

  3. Delores is setting the bar high, lol. Cro- you can do it!

  4. Eat more, drink less, err no - eat less & drink more? No. Eat less and drink less, then complain more! That's it. Same as last year. And I'll fail again (like last year!) :-)

    Your goals are all do-able for you Amy. You'll walk 'em.

    Hope you had a great Chrimbo.

  5. Thank Chris! I think you finally got your order right, haha.

    SO- They'll find you : )


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