I . . . am smiling : )

By now many of you have seen this, and believe me, I've watched it a dozen times since it came out today. But I can't stop. It's so adorable, I just can't stop! This is, for me--hands down--one of the best moments ever recorded of any president. Okay, so it's not revolutionary, but it made me giggle like a schoolgirl.


  1. Thanks goodness G Bush jnr didn't break out into song!

  2. ...and like he said, "The sandman did not come out."

    1. It's in reference to a character who used to come out on stage at the Apollo Theater--he would shoo off a bad act and then do a dance. People would just roar when he'd come on.

  3. Not a bad voice either. I'm warming to this President.

  4. Our Queen does a good impersonation of Gracie Fields. Honest.


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