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There's nothing better than discovering a new movie, especially when it's an old classic. Not sure how this one passed my radar until now, but I've just discovered Time After Time, a movie about H.G. Wells racing into the year 1979 to stop Jack the Ripper. Wells falls in love with a 'liberated' woman (Mary Steenburgen) along the way, all while experiencing the exciting world he's always dreamed about but not yet had the courage to explore. Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange) plays straight-laced Wells perfectly. He has the prettiest blue eyes, and I loved how he uses his little wire-framed glasses to show his emotions. Like, when Mary Steenburgen asks him out for a date, his hand flits up to his glasses and those eyes become troubled. But then he gets over it quick, because he's been waiting all along for just this sort of woman--the kind who's still feminine, but takes the lead--and who won't take no for an answer. "I have no problems with woman's liberation. I was all for it." "Oh, you were all for it. What made you change your mind?" Haha, I love that.

But, I have to edit. So, won't be watching it again for awhile. What movies are you enjoying right now?


  1. I just saw Iron lady. Meryl, again, was fantastic. I was not crazy about War Horse; it was too sad. My favorite movie this year was Moneyball. It was an upbeat story and entertained. I did not like The Decendents as I thought it was depressing. However the other Clooney movie, The Ides of March, was interesting and very well done. Hope to see Red Tails this weekend. I do love the movies.

  2. I just watched a TV re-run of The World's Fastest Indian with Anthony Hopkins (did it ever get to the US?). Loved it, but probably a bit blokey.

  3. Agreed Cro - a cracking film that. Love the characters 'can do' attitude.

    I remember watching Time After Time during the school holidays once. Another great film rarely repeated on the tv now.

    I stumbled upon 'The Reader' the other day which was pretty engaging stuff. There's a clip on my blog page if you're interested.

  4. SO- I thought about seeing The Decendents, but maybe I'll wait until it comes out on dvd now.

    Cro- never heard of it, but I might look for it now. Sounds interesting.

    Chris- I'll head over now.


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