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Another bad migraine today, but I think it's from the weather that just passed through. I noticed that as soon as the front passed, the pounding stopped. There's nothing worse than waking up and feeling that ache and nausea. My first thought is always, "How am I going to get to the coffeepot without hurling?" I'm so used to these stupid things though. Advil and Excedrin love me.

So . . . I can finally say that my story "Gossamer Boy" is up for reading. It's now in the spring issue of From the Depths--the second entry I think. There is a bit of, erm, cussing and graphic material. Yes indeed. So, just a warning there. But I wouldn't have written it any other way.

Take care everyone!


  1. I clicked on your link Amy and a message came up saying that my account would not allow me access to read your story which is a real shame. Would have liked to have read it. I really enjoy what you write.
    Hope your migraine's passed over. Horrible things to have - my Julie sometimes has migraines too.
    Take care x

  2. You're right! Sorry about that. I'm fixing it now.

  3. oh no.says document not available on ipad yet but soon will be. :( will keep trying.

  4. Thanks for trying Wendy. I've had so much trouble with this link : (

  5. Poor you. All I can do is send sympathy.

  6. I was finally able to pull it up.

    Amy, I held my breath while reading this. I might say that there is part of that Gossamer boy within us all.


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