Charo's Cha-Chas

Hello everybodeeeeee! My name ees Charo! You remember me? I was in all dose Macco ads, where I shooka my cha-chas eh said, "Get it at Macco! Yayayayayayayaya!" Well, Amy, uh . . . Amy, uh . . . how you say her name? Sieeeah? NO? Sigha? Sigha? Thasaweirdname! Well Amy . . . Sigha . . .  tell me to tell you how much she appreciate all the thanks yesterday. Also, the letterofzeedayis: C, so she call me up and tell me to come here. Do you like? You like to see my cha-chas? Yes? Okay . . .

Whoops! Hey, it's Amy here. I told Charo to keep you guys happy while I got a little sleep (too much wine last night) but she wasn't supposed to, um, strip. So . . . I mean, wasn't anybody going to tell her to stop? Nevermind. Thanks for all the kind words yesterday, that was really beautiful. I will honestly never forget it. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

And now back to Charo who, despite all the glitter and laughs, is an excellent flamenco guitar player. I don't think too many people know that.

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Replies
    1. I think so. It's very similar to Sophia Vergara's.

  2. I always liked Charo....when she plays she becomes the can't take your eyes off her.

    1. She's really good. And I see I consistently spelled her name wrong--just fixed it.

  3. Charo! She was everywhere in television. My father admired her talent so. Thanks for reminding me.

  4. Charo is a very talented lady, however, she appears to have never grown older. What's up with that.

  5. Nicely done! :) Yes, I remember her!!

  6. I remember her too. Very creative C.

  7. Thanks for introducing me to her Amy. This is wonderful.


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