E's turn to speak

As you know, A and I hang out quite a bit. Okay, maybe more than just hang out, but I don't want to divulge much more than that. I'm pretty shy. Some folks say I hide behind A. They say that I'm meek, and that at times I beseech myself of power. But that's just me, I say.

Sometimes I cling too much and let A take over. In words like Amoebae, reggae, florae . . . well you get the point. I practically dissapper. I'm weak. You can barely hear me at all. But look at that—you can hear me in hear. When A steps aside I'm quite clear, thank you very much. Stream, steam, beam, beast, peak, heal, head, appeal . . .

And the thing is, I love A. We've been together since Shakespeare. He may not be perfect, but I think of the times when we do work together well. He's dear to me. We shall forever share one heart.


  1. This is so unique...love it.

  2. The 'e's with which you seemed to do that takes my breath away!

  3. Glad you liked it! Now . . . what am I going to come with for F?

  4. Very clever, Amy. I'm sure that you are just jesting about being so shy. I don't envy anyone in the Challenge. I would be awfully overwhelmed.

  5. I before E except after C. And Einstein got it wrong TWICE.


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