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Recently an anthology was put together for a fellow writer who has been faced with some very serious medical issues. His name is Richard Levangie, and he just went through surgery yesterday for the removal of a pituitary tumor, but that is following a struggle which goes back to 1994. Because he has and will miss out on a large period of work, the anthology was put together to help raise funds to ease the burden of finances Richard might face while in recovery. I do have a story included, Sonata for Simple Organisms, but mine is only one of many stories and poems. Any donation is welcome! In exchange, the book will be emailed to you in pdf format. Go here for more information: Facing the Sun

Thank you!


  1. Here's hoping he recovers well.

  2. They do miracles with medicine in this day and age. I hope he recovers soon!

  3. That is a fabulous collection of writings....

    1. You're so sweet Delores! Glad you like it!


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