Friday, August 10, 2012

Contest Winner and the Silent Hero

Happy Friday, Everyone. I put names in a bowl, closed my eyes (very tight), and pulled out a winner. A big congratulations to Inger! Please send your address info to: And a big thanks to all who tweeted, liked and Facebooked. It was fun!

Now, I'd like to go over a topic that has been coming up more and more with the book release. Jesse. While querying, I was told not to mention secondary characters. An agent only wants the main points, not all the friends and their cars and their cats. But Jesse was more than just a secondary character. I actually did try to include him in several queries because I felt it almost wrong to leave him out. In truth, I didn't feel The Soul Seekers was complete without mentioning him. But in agents and queries excess is excess, I learned to leave him out and he would be relegated to secret status. In typical style, he's jumped forward as everyone's favorite character. Am I'm happy about that. Jesse was so much fun to write. I think I learned a lot about myself through him. Actually, I learned a lot from each character: Emma showed me how much of a hippie, soft, wise side I had, William taught me a lot about being noble and quiet, but Jesse . . . he was the rock 'n' roller in me, the rebellion, the hell raiser that I guess never died from my late teens. His lines would pop into my head and I'd sit back, chocking with laughter. He was naughty and dark and wild. So wild. I loved his car, his black leather jacket, his long hair. I loved that he'd say what he wanted and didn't feel any consequence. Actually, I love people who are like that in real life too. While I don't cuss out loud, I love those who can rip apart the world in a few select, but choice, words.

But Jesse is also loyal and deep. He is music. He is cool.

I don't care what anyone says about our characters, they're real (to an extent). I do feel as if I was being channeled in some little way, and perhaps for a big reason. It's one of the most beautiful parts of being a writer.

Well, have a great day. I have an actual *gasp* gig this Saturday night and will be playing a heap of new songs. That's what I did a lot of this summer, in secret. While the kids were all here on the computer, I made myself an artist's corner out in the garage with an old tape player, my guitar, magazines, Steinbeck, a few cats, and a pen. A friend won't let me leave the music business just yet, and I agreed to open the set. Wish me luck!


  1. Dear Amy, unlike you, I've never had a novel published, but I've worked on three that are in draft form and so I appreciate what you've said about Jesse. When we cease trying to manipulate the novel and let the characters be who they want to be, then the whole process truly does feel like channeling. They--those characters who for a while simply existed within our minds--come alive and give us themselves and their words. It's truly an awesome experience. Peace.

  2. You don't need'll be great.

  3. Dee- Indeed!

    Delores- Awww . . .we'll see. : )~

  4. Hi Amy Saia!! I think I've just fallen in love with Jesse and want his phone number. Ahem!

    Awww yay for your gig - you have many amazing talents! Wonderful!! Did you have a great time? I hope so!! Take care

    1. I did have a good time. I'm learning not to be so hard on myself and just enjoy the experience.

  5. Confession - I've been lured away by sneaking off to watch Olympics on the telly. I found Jesse a strong likeable character too. Hey Amy - your book is on Amazon with free delivery to the UK - isn't that good! Well done Inger for winning your giveaway. Have an amazing time on your gig xx

  6. Good luck! I think it's fabulous that you're playing a gig. :-)

  7. Like Delores wrote above, you are great already! Someone will see that quickly.

  8. I think about the birds needing water here in Ohio and forget about the big animals on the plains. I saw a sparrow drinking from a tiny puddle a car left behind in a parking lot, and hoped it was air conditioner water, not radiator fluid. I hope we recover next year.


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