Sunday, November 4, 2012

A totally trippy, yet serious, post about life and stuff

I saw the most interesting show last night called, The Haunting of (insert celebrity name here). Basically, a psychic meets with a celebrity to help them understand what really happened at a site where something paranormal was experienced. This episode was about Pennhurst Asylum, which until its closure in the 1980's, served for a housing unit for the mentally ill. Patients were treated horribly, children were found to be strapped to their beds or left in cribs unendingly. For a long time, society believed it was in everyone's best interest to hide the mentally ill. I remember reading a journal by a Kansan woman, late 1800's, who described having to drive a neighbor's daughter to an institution. The girl, who was only mildly affected by some disorder mind you, probably something like high-functioning autism or aspergers, begged the woman not to take her. Perhaps one of the saddest things I've ever read. I wanted to reach inside that book and grab the girl and bring her home with me. These places were a cesspool for abuse, sexual and otherwise. Patients were drugged, beaten, had all their teeth pulled out for talking back. Can you imagine? How could anyone treat another human being like that? I often wonder what happened to that girl. Did she spend her life in an institution? Did her family ever come and bring her back home? It's so sad.

In this show—and I know some of you do not believe in the paranormal, so bear with me—the psychic and the celebrity (a really down-to-earth young woman) explored a few buildings on the Pennhurst campus. The psychic said Pennhurst is overfilled with souls who haven't figured out how to cross over to the other side yet. George Harrison was very big on learning the art of death and in a recent documentary his wife said that when he died, a brilliant light filled the room. He had prepared himself so thoroughly that his soul was already fully formed. He was ready. I know that sounds strange to many of you, but it makes sense to me. I've often thought of my death and how I will make a choice to walk toward the light. But what if, like these people at Pennhurst, you have never been trained in the art of dying? What if you know nothing of the light, of the other side, of your soul? I'm sad thinking of these spirits all trapped, still in a hell on earth, unable to pass through to the other side. They already went through so much, why should they suffer any more? Why aren't God and the angels swooping them up into Heaven? I've thought about this a lot, and all I can say is I think that we have free will, even after death, and there's no way we could just step into Heaven without some sort of soul work. So, even though it is sad that these spirits are trapped on earth, they do have a responsibility to stop the negative thought processes they have been taught, and open up to a pure way of thinking.

So that makes me think how in life we create such negativity—so much that it traps us on this earth. What if we were to enlighten ourselves?

What do you think about all this stuff? Do you think your soul is a life-long project, or just a hooey belief system best left for weirdos and freaks?

Happy Sunday to you all!


  1. We will be where we need to be. There are billions of us on earth now and countless have preceeded us. I was overwhelmed with the thought as a child, not everyone can be right, therefore everyone is right, no one is right or there is a bigger right. I am disgustingly pragmatic, but believe my spiritual sister not only notices people who are gone, our departed animals sometimes flit across her path. I can only do my best job and check the results later.

  2. Bunkum. Goldsmith's College, over in the UK, recently did extensive trials with (so called) clairvoyants/mediums/etc. I'm sure I don't have to tell you the results... Rogues!

  3. I don't know, Amy. I have only my five animal senses to go by and they serve my survival on earth, but perceive only a tiny fraction of the whole sensory spectrum. I do know it's imperative we treat each other with common decency and respect, that we try our best to do no harm. It would be unimaginably unfair to obstruct another being's chance at ultimate resolution, at bliss. So, I don't know, but my ignorance gives me no license. Powerful post.

  4. Dear Amy, I tend to believe in reincarnation. For me, that means that we return to Earth many times. Each time we work on those facets of our souls that need tending. As we return again and again, we become more fully human. Finally, when all the facets or our souls are bright with light and we have realized within ourselves the fullness of humanity then we choose to walk into the light of Oneness with all creation just as Jesus did and Gandhi and many others whose names I do not know. Peace.

  5. Thanks for the comments. It is very interesting hearing everyone's thoughts. A strange topic, I know!


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