Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Free ebook today!

Hey everyone, if you still haven't read my book, and would like to, there's a chance to do it for free. Today you can download The Soul Seekers for free on Kindle over at Amazon. It's pretty fun watching the numbers rise throughout the day. Things have been slow for awhile, so it's nice to see a little action.

I didn't say anything about the election results because, well, yay. Happy grin. No need to rub anything in. I'm just happy and we'll leave it at that. Little Julia was happy too. She got into bed with a big, "Shew!" when the results came in. Gotta love that.

But the world isn't fixed. So, it's best to look forward and sing Doris Day-type songs, if you know what I mean.

Anywho, here's a fun interview with the cast from The Soul Seekers. I hope you enjoy. Have a great day!


~Interview with Emma, William and Jesse from The Soul Seekers~

Q-I’ll start with you, Emma. What’s your favorite part about knowing a ghost?

Emma- You mean William? (she laughs) Okay, well first of all, William doesn’t like being called a ghost. (turns to William) Right?

William- Correct.

Emma- And so I try not to do it, even though that’s technically what he is. I mean, when someone is invisible and can walk through walls—

William- Emma . . .

Q- Ahem, note taken. Next question. Where’s a fun place to hang out in Springvale?

(Emma, William and Jesse look at each other. Jesse sits forward)

Jesse-Anywhere I am (laughs). I guess it would be the record store. These two losers think it’s the library. (Jesse yawns for dramatic effect)
Emma- The thing is, you have to go to Brentwood for any real fun. Or you can go up to the bluffs and play chicken. 

William- (shakes his head) I don’t like her going up there. And Jesse was right, the only fun is where he is. He probably has some fun in his jacket pocket right now . . .

Jesse- (laughs) Personally, I like to get in my Camaro and drive top speed through town. It’s a lot of fun seeing if these old farts can catch me with their crumbling Dodge Darts. 

Q- Do they really try?

Jesse- Oh, once in a while. 

Q-And? Has anyone caught you yet?

(Big grin) 

Jesse- Nope. 

Q- Changing topics, Springvale has had some serious issues dealing with a certain council of men who call themselves the Soul Seekers. What’s that all about?

(Once again, all three look at each other. William takes the lead this time)

William- It’s not easy to talk about. Let’s just say we’re encouraging Emma to leave when she can.

Q- Leave town?

William- Yes. (Folds arms across chest and gives Emma a fatherly glance)

Q- That’s pretty drastic. Is it that bad?

Jesse- Worse. Listen, I know more about this thing than anyone and shi-, I mean, stuff is going to go down real fast if Emma doesn’t quick-step her hiney out of Springvale in a few—

(Emma, who has been ignoring William’s stare, cuts in)

Emma- I’m fine. Perfectly fine. I’ll leave when I’m ready. When we’re all ready, and not one minute before. 

(An awkward silence spreads through the room)

Emma- So . . . (she smiles) That’s that. Any other questions?

Q- Yes. Just one, but it’s the most personal. Emma, who do you—well, let me phrase this the best way I can—like more. William or Jesse?

Emma- Who do I like more? (She laughs when Jesse bats his eyelashes at her. William does not look amused) I can’t say . . . geez. Jesse is so funny and so full of life. Oh, sorry Will, I didn’t mean anything by that. Wow, this is tough. I mean, William is so honorable and you don’t see people like that anymore, and he’s . . . hot. Yeah, he’s hot. But, he is invisible and all. That complicates things. I don’t know. (Emma looks at William and their eyes lock for a long moment)

Q- I think that answers my question.

Jesse- Don’t be so sure. I know Emma, and I know what she needs. I also know I don’t give up for nothing. Ever.

Q- Well, I think that pretty much wraps this up. Thanks for the interview, guys. Be careful out there.

(Emma, William and Jesse in unison) Thank you


  1. I enjoyed your book very much and my granddaughter, who also read it, had very favorable things to say about it also. She is into those ghostbuster programs on TV and this was definitely her genre.

    I am also very happy about the results of last week and now I hope they will all get together and move this country forward.

    1. Aw, thanks for telling me that. Tell her thank you as well. I love those ghost shows too, btw! So interesting!

  2. I have to amp up the works with my reading. I have Soul Seekers in my e-library (got it when it first came out) so I really want to read it, especially having enjoyed this bit of an exchange with William, Emma and Jesse.

  3. Love it - especially the bit - Jesse - 'Anywhere where I am' - you can say that again.

  4. Emma and company are sitting in my bookcase. And I went "Phew," too after the election results came in. Lots of work to do, you are right, but we have the best man.


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