Wednesday, November 13, 2013

About Henry . . .

My walk with Henry today was oh so cold, and I think this entire winter is going to be a challenge. Could be time to invest in a pair of thermal underwear—what do you think? The problem with Henry is he stops every few feet to sniff at something, and yes I get annoyed and tug on his leash and say, come on, hurry it up. But he's very stubborn when it come to our walks. He knows it's his only time to do what he wants to do. The rest of the day he slumps around looking bored.

This is what Henry really likes to do:

 and roll
 sniff the air
and roll.

He also has to deal with these alien life forms:

And Coco, the magnificent.

Alright, that's enough cuteness for today. Have a good one!


  1. Nothing beats a pair of good long johns. Here there's a difference of 40 -50 degrees from morning to afternoon, so I put them on then peel them off after lunch.

    1. Whew! That's a rollar coaster of temps you got there!

  2. Dogs have their own thermal wear and love to sniff for hours. Unfortunately, their owners are not as fortunate and find no joy in sniffing their runny nose in the cold.

  3. Our Monty loves to roll too, but usually in something that STINKS.

    Thermals are essential here.... I shall be dusting mine off any day soon!

    1. Oh believe me Henry rolls in plenty of stinky stuff. In fact, he did it just last week and he always looks so happy about it too. The worst is when it's chunky.


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