Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Morning Sky

Looks like  The Soul Seekers is free for Kindle download over at  Amazon for the next few days, so if you don't have it yet, here's your chance to snag yourselves up a copy. I'm nervously awaiting edits for the sequel but have to admit it was nice not having to worry about writing during the holidays. Though I'm getting to that point where I miss my characters—always a good sign. There's nothing worse than hating your book, every single part of it, but having to push through anyway. We've all been there, but yeah, it's nice to be on the good side of things when it comes to work, and not the bad.

So, Kansas has turned cold again with a nasty wind to go along with it. Little miss Julia and I both had the flu over Christmas and there hasn't been much of going outside lately. Just a lot of movie watching and hanging around the house. I took this picture from my kitchen window this morning, inside, where it's warm.

My camera failed to pick up the deep red tones, so red they spilled into the kitchen and made my  morning coffee a crimson experience. What's that old saying, "Red sky at morning, sailors take warning . . . ?" Though I'm sure the sailors in Kansas will be just fine today.

A few weeks ago I saw a very pregnant looking possum cross by the back door and then go under the back steps. Ever since then Henry has been on a mission from God, checking the stairs, sniffing in crazy halting patterns. You open that door and he shoots out into the yard. Why, oh why, did a preggo possom have to choose my backyard for her birthing center? I haven't encouraged it in the least. No scraps or water or anything, but I did leave all those tomatoes on the vine and that could be the appeal. Just great . . . possums are such ugly creatures, don't you think? Mean little faces with squinty eyes and huge rows of snaggy teeth. And they're always hissing at you. Well, anyway, at least Henry's keeping busy. He hasn't rolled in stinky mysterious yard goo for a good two weeks now. Gotta appreciate that.

Thanks for stopping by! Take care of yourselves. Peace.

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