Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week in Pictures

Not much has been going on around here. Just edit, edit, edit. Oh my gosh, I hate my book right now. I love it and I hate it. So happy it's with my editor, Summer, and out of my hands. Now I can clean the house and think about other things. Give me a few weeks and I'll love it again, but not now. Definitely, not now. 

I did have a chance to take the kids to the nature park down the road, and of course I brought my trusty little camera. Glad I did, because some of these shots are my favorite so far. Hope you enjoy them, and have a beautiful day!

The moon and the morning star

Trees with a view

Peanut brittle ice

Shadow path

Hansel and Gretel

Boots and stripes

The slope

Forest girl

The Altar

Ice Stream

Cloud ice

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  1. I've never even taken a decent picture of the moon, and there's one with the moon and Mars, or Saturn. Wow. Great picture, Not tooooooo cold in Texas, we see.

    1. I guess you're right, that's a planet up there. So pretty this week! And yes, it was warm the day I took these--Sunday—but that's all changed and we're due for snow starting tomorrow night. Yeck.

  2. Love your pictures Amy. You've got quite a talent with that little camera.

    1. Thank you, Molly! It's nice to have something else to do with my time. Helps distract me a bit, and yeah, they're turning out halfway decent. Now, I just need to take pictures of something else beside the sky and the forest, haha.

  3. ...wonderful pics, Amy. I showed them to my wife who works in photography. Her words, "Inspiring, well done."


    1. Ah, nice! Thanks so much for telling me that, Elliot, it made my day. And tell your wife thank you as well!

  4. Good to see your daughter walking around in non-Icelandic clothes. It's gloves, scarf, and overcoat weather here!!!

    1. That was a very nice day. I took them to three parks because I knew the weather would go sour in just a matter of a day, and it did. So glad we got out and enjoyed the warmer temps.


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