Friday Ramblings

The most strenuous edits are now done and The Time Seekers has been sent for copy edits. Kind of relived, and also, kind of feeling like I don't know what to do with myself. Sure it won't last.

The kids have less than a week of school remaining, but you wouldn't know it because it feels like early spring out there. Not liking it at all. Being hot ain't great, but let's face it, winter's trying to sneak back in, and that is some crazy shite, my friends. Let's form a wall to keep it out. The Winter Wall. We could all hold blow torches and fry its you-know-what until it gets the point and goes back to where it belongs. 

I have a few gigs lined up on the music side of things. I got all nervous and pulled out the guitar, thinking I was rusted to heck, but I guess these things can't be unlearned. I remembered all the chords and words and my voice was in fine form. So strange. Guess I've sung enough in my life that things have cemented. So, bring on the shows (and not the nerves).

Hope all is well with you, dear people. Bring on the sun!

Here's my Flickr photos of late, if you're interested. Take good care of yourself! Peace.


  1. I thought you'd decided to abandon music for ever. Good to hear that you will be back on stage again. Liam's toes are wonderful.

  2. I did say that, but it keeps pulling me back. I guess never say never as the old saying goes. The whole idea of being on stage both thrills and terrifies me, including all the recording and photos people take at live gigs. But . . . people keep asking me and it's good to get out of the house.

    I agree, Liam's toes are darn cute!

  3. "People keep asking me", that should be a big clue that you are good. I have heard that even the most famous get nervous, but that doesn't stop them and neither should it stop you. You got it girl, so flaunt it.

    1. Thanks much! Well, when I say 'people' keep asking me, it's like two people, and 'keep asking' is like three times a year, so . . . haha. I like to keep it in perspective so my ego doesn't explode. No, but it's nice and I'm happy. And I'll try to flaunt it--without hurting anyone.

  4. Amy, carrying a tune is a terrible burden for me and I celebrate people who can manage it. One of my sons is a professional musician and singer and I still love him. Have fun with it and you will spread joy.

    1. Thank you, Geo! How cool to have a musician son. Love it!


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