Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's official, another book is on the way!

I really can't believe I missed this! It's WiDo's wonderful announcement that I am officially under contract for The Love Seekers. My only explanation is I became so caught of with the start of school that I lost track of most everything. Better late than never, as they say . . .

Also, I just saw this. The Time Seekers is now available for pre-order. Things are happening so fast!

It really was a fun book to write. Do you remember back in the spring when I posted those pictures of the kids sunbathing during Spring Break? I'll remember it as one of the first warm set of days we'd had in the year, and also, that I was furiously writing The Love Seekers any spare second I got. What a beautiful time. Writing, for me, is happiness.

How are things going on your Saturday? Big plans for the evening?


  1. That's wonderful. Amy I'm so pleased for you, well done xx


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