Happy Bleeping Thanksgiving!

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Photo by M. Rehemtulla

So here it is Thanksgiving week in The States and we're all going to carve that turkey and eat that stuffing. Some like canned cranberries, some like natural. I like both, but that's not the point here, the point is . . . what's your favorite thing about Thanksgiving, dear blogger friends, and do you actually plan on rushing out into the cold just a few hours after being cozy, just so you can buy a $300 laptop for $270? Me, I prefer to stay home and watch my favorite Turkey Day movie, which is actually the ONLY Turkey Day movie I know of: Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Btw, if you don't like movies and would rather curl up with a good e-book, you can always download one of mine. I got two!

I was telling Julia about PT&A and how it's one of my favorites, holiday or not, but I had to add that there's a cuss-word marathon in one particular scene. Her eyes lit up—one time I told Julia that I cuss like a sailor in my head and how it's pretty darn impressive I don't actually say those words, and then Julia said that inside her mini-me noggin, she cusses like a sailor too—anyway, she asks about the PT&A scene, and I say, "Oh, if we watch it on TV they'll edit it out. They delete the bad stuff then blend the good words together so it sounds like Steve Martin is an alien." I further explain, using the word bleep instead of, well, you know: "In the real movie, he says, 'I want a bleeping car, a bleeping this, a bleeping that, and I want it rightbleepingnow.' And the ticket agent says, 'Oh no.' And he says, 'Oh no, what?' And she says, 'You're bleeped.'" Julia's eyes lit up again. That bleep stuff doesn't fool her.

So, I'm going to watch that movie, eat leftover turkey, stay warm and cozy and I hope you'll be warm and cozy too.

What are your plans for the coming holiday(s)?


  1. That is my absolutely favorite movie of all times. No matter how many times I watch it, I
    laugh. That is bleeping good feeling.

  2. Turkey Day over here is reserved for Dec 25th; and I love it. 'It's a wonderful life' was on TV here yesterday, but I refused to watch it as it's the one film I love to watch on the 25th.

    1. Love that movie as well. Just once, and it needs full, proper attention while watching--so I agree, no commercials.

  3. Don't forget the bleeping wine. (Tell 'em Amy sent you) Cheers!

  4. My favourite thing about Thanksgiving is the Mood of the day. The smells, the family, and the leftovers in the evening! My movie of choice will be Miracle on 34th Street because it starts with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade -- which I don't get to see here in the UK! Happy Thanksgiving, Amy!

    1. Yes, the parade is great as well. Love watching that.

  5. I've never seen PT&A but if I do I shall think of you and Julia and all those little secret bleeps going on in your heads. Love it. Have a special day together,


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