Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hard work, or hardly working?


Well, that was rough. I finished the first round of edits, but way, way later than I would have liked to. Here I was all enthusiastic about doing them, but life just sort of crippled me and—do you know how hard it is to work on a book that semi-parallels your real life? Hard. Real hard. Wouldn't recommend it, and yet the whole process was cathartic. I am going to guess right now that The Love Seekers will end up being the best thing I've written so far and will have more readers and reviews, mainly because it deals with real-life and doesn't try to dodge behind any paranormal trickery. There is paranormal, and I love paranormal, but it doesn't shield the book from basic human truths. The whole thing is more mature because Emma finally has the chance to grow up and make decisions on her own. That was very important to me. I had some folks tell me they couldn't read the first book because it was about a teenage girl, and I completely understood where they were coming from. However, this third book comes from a place that is about facing the nitty-gritty of life, and so with that I hope the readership will span across ages and genres, and hearts. It feels like it will.

Here it is springtime already and over a month of school until summer vacation. Can't believe it. I always go into high production mode right around now because I have to, and I don't know, something happens that pushes me forward. Some emotion or hope. Last year I was working on a story and would take breaks to go sit outside while Henry explored the backyard, and I had Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon on my headphones and a pair of rainbow vision sunglasses. Trippy. It was cloudy that day and when the sun came out during the vocal solo and I was like, whoa . . . Changed me somewhere inside. Blown away. And no, I don't do drugs.

What a tough year this has been. I feel like I've had soul chemo. Something weird is going on in the cosmos—tell me I'm not the only one experiencing the weird and seismic shift? Go ahead and lay it all out. What's been going on with you?



  1. I have heard often that writers should write what they know. It sounds like you are doing this in your new book. This might be the breakthrough you are looking for. I wish the best of luck for you in this new endeavor. Truth is often better than fiction.

    1. Sometimes I wish truth really was fiction. Things would be so much easier!

  2. The sap rises in us humans just as it does in trees and plants. Little Miss Spring works magic.


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