Thursday, July 23, 2015

If it's three, let it be

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I have to say, if I had known how difficult it would be to write a trilogy, I might have chosen otherwise. Although revisiting my characters on a long-term basis is a satisfying gig, just the mere weight of having to dissect and present their lives in literary form has also been a trial. Sometimes, especially with these edits, I wanted to yell at my characters and say, "I don't care about your stupid lives! Please stop doing stupid things!" Lol. Oh, but it's true. It's hard enough trying to justify my numbnut actions on a constant basis!

But I guess in a way it's also gratifying. You can learn a lot from your characters, such as: don't make promises with a half-soul human; if you see a coin while hanging off a cliff, don't pick it up; don't time-travel unless you absolutely have to; stay out of those creepy cults; don't let a-hole rockstars rule your life; if you have a gift, use it, don't lose it; gun fights with a soul stealer is a ticket to death. And many others.

I think my next book will be a standalone. No sequels.

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  1. Love your little gems of wisdom Amy. Today, I want to yell at my son and say,' Please stop doing stupid things' but I will count to ten and hold my tongue until the words and moment are right. It's hard retrieving the bullets after the gun's been fired. Most of my day's been good - hope yours has too xxx

  2. I have no idea how successful authors (JRRTolkien, GRRMartin..) keep their characters true to themselve!
    Good luck!
    Haven't visited you for a while. It is good to see where you are going.

    1. Hi Susan, it's good to see you as well! I think those other authors write faster and thrive off their characters on a constant basis, although I'm sure they get sick of them often!

  3. Have always known enough NOT to attend a gunfight but will also try to follow all your second paragraph advice in my everyday life, even though I'm not a writer. Excellent and instructive post!

    1. Yes, well it was rather silly advice. Use at your own risk!


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