Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I'm Done! For now . . .

photo credit: Life - March 13th 1970 via photopin (license)

I hate to admit how long it has taken me to finish these edits but oh my goodness it's been hard. My mind is just . . . blurg. So difficult. Emotions and stress, but darnitt I had to finish this last round or die trying. Thank goodness I have such a wonderful publisher and editor!

So now . . . what do I do? Isn't that always the problem in life? We worry and stress over something for a long time, then when it's over or almost over, we all say . . . now what? Actually the real problem is I have too much lined up and can't decide what to work on next. But that's a good problem to have and I can't complain.

One thing I like to do when I'm not super busy is take in old movies. There's something about watching Clark Gable or Charlie Chaplin or Greta Garbo that melts all troubles away. Maybe because they were so beautiful and full of magic. I practically live on TCM most of the time. It's my one true 'comfort food.' I also love to read old magazines or newspapers, mostly because I like the adverts. Who says you can't travel time?

So, what do you do to stave off the ills of life, my beautiful friends?


  1. I go to my vegetable garden, and either dig or just sit. I find it the most relaxing place to be.

    1. Nice. There's something wonderful about warm dirt on a spring/summer day, or in the fall the smell of leaves.


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