Sunday, June 12, 2016

Oh I wish, I wish that I had . . .

You knew I'd post this video eventually, right? The reason I waited was because I didn't base my character Jesse off Rick Springfield, and Emma isn't exactly that kind of girl, so let's just get that straight. But I did base the two of them off some of the rock dudes from the 80s and their girlfriends. I see Jesse as being much more vulnerable, maybe more punk and goth--until he sells out later *pout.* He gets a perm. You don't know how much I loved and yet hated writing that part.

Actually, if you think about it, this song would be from William's viewpoint. He's in the 60s wishing he still had Emma, he knows she's with Jesse and yet he can't do anything about it because she has to make up her mind. So, just picture a Ward Cleaver dude crooning this song, or maybe more like Frank Sinatra: Shoobie Doobie, I wish I had that cat Jesse's chick . . .

Side note: my sister and I shared a room growing up, and on the wall behind her bed she'd tacked a poster of Rick Springfield. Someone gave it to her and she sort of liked it, sort of didn't, but mostly she liked Duran Duran. All I know is there was a large amount of time to waste while taping songs off Casey Kasem's weekly countdown (twice on Sundays) and I would sit on her bed and stare at that poster so much it eventually ingrained itself into my retinas. Mostly I remember I liked his jeans, lol. The other thing I know is that rock music was my childhood. At the pool, in the car, at a friend's house, in my room, in the kitchen--all rock. In many ways I understand Jesse (not just the Jesse in the song--the Jesse in the book) because he was my best friend growing up. Invisible, but true.

Hope you have a great Sunday. It's getting hot out there!

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