Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Time Slip

Unknown artist

In The Love Seekers, Emma—frustrated with boyfriend and upcoming rock star Jesse—steps into a gallery to cool off and collect herself. She's so mad she might just buy every painting and put them on Jesse's bill. But there's one that puts her mind at ease: a rainy scene in New York, a sea of umbrellas, a fountain with one tiny flower floating along the surface. It's the flower that does it. She decides right then and there that she has to have the painting—for herself, not Jesse. As she stares, the lines blur; Emma feels rain against her skin, she hears the pulse of the traffic nearby, the cloth and the heat of the people walking close—all from a time decades ago. It's the same era William lives in, but she must never see him again.

She doesn't buy it. She can't go back in time, or change time, and she can't go back and be with him, because things have changed.

Hint: The painting shows up later in the book. To find out why and what Emma does when she faces one of her biggest decisions in life, you'll have to read The Love Seekers, out now and available for purchase at Amazon.

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