Hey, Star

Why not post another trippy thing for you to ponder? Here's something I came up with, and no, I don't use drugs.

The Big Bang happened, right, and all that matter shot out into a black void and created the Universe: stars, planets, you-name-it. Here on Earth things boiled for a while, then steamed and eventually out of all that primordial heat came life. We slithered, crawled, walked on all fours and became walkin' talkin' bipeds.

We are flesh and blood, but we are also made up of elements. All of that space matter and the elements attached--earth, water, fire, air--is our flesh and blood. Some of us are more fire, some water, etc. I personally have a lot of everything. But a fire person would be more creative and passionate, they like travel and sports. The downside is they are completely incapable of sitting still and accepting life's complexities at base level--they want to fight and challenge it to death and then move on to the next battle. A water person is more languid and emotional, they love to consume their diet in liquids, and yes, they do tend to have problems with substance and alcohol abuse--and like water, they creep and run into the deep rivers of thoughts and feelings. Air people love books, languages, justice, thought, roles and relationships, legalities, etc. Never get into an argument with an air element unless you have Google and a Webster's dictionary at hand. Earth people love nature, animals, food, luxuries, are very sensible and grounded, warm, but extremely stubborn, and just like the big rock they live on, ain't going nowhere when it comes to ideals and points they wish to make.

We come from the outer realms. We are everything. It's in us. And out of us.

So if anyone says that you are nothing, you can answer, "Wrong. I am a capsule of the Universe. If I were nothing I'd be invisible."

What element are you?


  1. Dear Amy, a moving and thoughtful post --and true, we are the stuff of stars. Our combustion is slower, measured in mere calories and metabolic body temperature, but nonetheless units of heat. Life is a rare gift --nearly improbable-- yet largely we ignore the elements that permit us to sustain it, to be astonished by it. As to the song, perfect choice. I retired from gardening public places 8 years ago. I know CSN&Y were referring to Eden, but consider it a good metaphor for the garden I wake and return to every day --the big garden that circles the sun.

    1. Geo, I think you said you were Sagittarius a while back, but you must have some earth in your chart because of your gardening love. Also maybe some air elements, because of your non-comforting thinking and play with words. Pretty cool!

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