Nature Speaks To Us All

Just wanted to write the quickest post in the world to talk about how nature mirrors everyday life events. Have you ever noticed things such as the birds acting crazy on the same day you're having a chaotic life experience, or maybe there's absolutely no weather at all when things for you are serene? I do feel that nature is spirit's way to talk to us, and if we learn how to interpret the messages we gain insight on how to navigate through our difficult and sometimes confusing lives.

Last week when the political world was in chaos with the healthcare system being torn apart, forcing millions of American to lose vital medical care, the hawks were out stealing from the nests of other birds. Now, I love hawks, but I cringe when they do this each year. The other, much smaller, birds fought back, yet as we can all guess a robin hasn't much chance against a falcon. It breaks my heart, but it is nature and I respect the process. However, I found it interesting that at the same time the very fabric of security—our life and health—was being stolen from us, and more importantly, from our children. Without going into my political views, I find it intersecting how the hawks mirrored the events of the day.

If you look closely, you will find the same ability to predict or measure your life through the nature around you. All it takes is a little bit of slowing down and time spent outside. Ask what it is you want to know, or need help with, and I guarantee the answer will be shown to you in so many various forms.

I wish you well.


  1. The weather and world events have been lousy lately, and yes, the hawks are flying around my yard also. Those most vulnerable are at risk.

  2. Over the years, I have learned to have great respect for your intuitive connection to tremendous operations of nature, and have always considered nature the language of the universe. These past few years, I've noticed more and more kinds of birds seeking shelter in our woody yard. Something is definitely changing.

    1. Yes, I believe you're right about that!


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