The Soup

Over time I have wavered on the idea of manifestation being the real deal or if someone merely created the concept to sell a ton of books and videos. Personally, my luck comes sporadically and at the bottom of life's proverbial well. But I have noticed something about successful people. First off, they work really hard. Secondly, many of them go through a period of complete and utter loss before success is allowed to come in. Carson McCullers, a master of introspective writing, was set to become a concert pianist when she fell ill and was forced to recuperate at home. She then worked at various jobs and studied creative writing at night, thus beginning a new and much more lucrative path. She had tried in vain to manifest a career in music, but perhaps what she wanted all along was to write, even if it wasn't directly obvious at the time. Perhaps her illness was a physical manifestation of those inner workings, her inner desires.

So it seems the true art of manifestation is loss and surrender. To be willing to give up everything for a promise of the unknown.

Carson did go on to weave her musical experience into her writing, so it wasn't all a waste. That's another thing successful people do: they waste nothing. Every experience is valuable and to be thrown into the soup pot. I love the way she wrote about the various quirks and failures of humanity, all with an essence of humor and love.

Have you ever been forced to give up an old way of life in order to receive something better?

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  1. I go by " making life happen for me rather than letting life happen to me". I want to make the choices rather than just standing by and accepting what comes my way. However, some of my decisions were not well thought out and in hindsight, not wise. That's life, though, but I am glad that I tried and that I seldom gave up.

    1. I admire you for standing up and always fighting. Love that!

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