Thursday, January 31, 2019

All work and no play . . .

How has your winter has thus far? For us in the Midwest it's been a tale of unending snow, ice and a little thingy called a Polar Vortex. As if regular winter wasn't bad enough! But we are resilient, we Midwesterners know how to bear down and dull ourselves into a Netflix stupor then wait it out until those first buds of spring crack through Mother Earth's frozen epidermis. Which . . . you know . . .  let's not kid ourselves, would be nice sooner than later. I mean, we didn't really have a spring last year, we went straight to summer, so . . . yeah, it would be nice to have an actual spring this year. You have to agree this winter stuff is getting a little out of hand. Monotonous. Sometimes . . . sometimes I find myself strolling through the empty halls of this palace, humming songs I've never heard, seeing visions of myself in different timelines, and drinking Scotch with people in Gatsby-ish era clothing. At night I ride across the thin carpet of the corridors on my tricycle hoping to avoid the twins. As for work, well, how boring. I've typed the same thing over and over again: All work and no play makes Amy a dull bitch. . . . That's not weird, right? But, whatever! Tomorrow I'm going to hop on the snowcat and get the blazes out of here. I mean, burn rubber, baby. Don't try to stop me, cause I have an axe and I ain't afraid to use it.

Wait, OMG, did I just say all of that out loud? 

Here are some pictures (and one video) of the storm we had a few weeks ago. Beautiful, just beautiful. Pastoral, inspiring. Might make it difficult to see through the maze though . . .


  1. I love the scenes of winter but I, like you and many others, hate the weather. Two more months till spring and let’s up that it lasts longer than the past few.

    1. Indeed! Last year we literally went from snow and ice to shimmering heat. No inbetween. I'm counting on this year to be more stable, but so far . . . Oh well, at least this weekend will be nice


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